Friday, 6 September 2019

Wednesday, 28 August 2019

What should we do now??

Diary Entry 1:
We Walked as far as we could and found an old abandoned
shed. We sat down father started to cough uncontrollably.
I was very terrified, I feared I will lose my father because
I already lost  my mothers. He whispered something in my ear
“ take care of them” he said. I started to cry, tears slowly
flowing down my face. I gripped my fathers hand. As
day turned to night. My eyes slowly closing, as I
fall asleep knowing my Father won’t wake up.

Diary Entry 2, The Burial Day:
Today is the day we burry my father it was
a very sad moment, I helped dig up the hole.
I took a moment to say goodbye to my dad,
trying hard not to cry. I felt depressed. I
have nothing left, except for the box my father
gave me. They started covering my father with
the dirt. Deep inside I was Happy because he was in
a special place.

Friday, 23 August 2019

What happens next....

The smell of burnt books as my lungs try to beat it.
Hearing my people cry as they are shoot dead
Looking at their faces as they cry with sadness.
Disappointing we didn’t fight back.

Everyone terrified thinking who could this be.
There are Gunshots firing as we try to dodge them. BOOM.
We are feeling trapped as this rascal chases away children and families.
Parents packing their stuff as they hurry to leave the village,
]I feel scared wishing this was a dream.

As day turns to night we can’t find a place to stay. The hard concrete
hurting our bodies and making us cold. People are crying themselves to sleep.
It’s hard to describe what people are feeling right now. We have walked for miles
on bare feet. Then we smelt the smell of fresh bread. We knew we were near a
village , but cheered. We followed  them to the village, but it was empty know
one was there so we decided to stay there until someone comes back.
We were very suspicious, we were wondering where the smell of bread
came from, fresh bread.

It is now night. People decided to sleep in the beds that were there.
But some didn’t trust. As the moon faded away and the sun rose,
The smell of bread came back. That was when we knew we were in
the wrong village. We searched the village just in case we missed something,
we heard footsteps coming from behind. We walked faster, and faster and the
footsteps came closer and closer. We stopped and realized that it was just me.

We walked past rivers, trees and beaches, and still couldn't find a village,
As the sun was going down we had no hope…… But we finally saw something
smoke and we heard music and laughter. A VILLAGE! We all ran to the village
happily. They were very welcoming and happy that asked us to stay because
some of their people died and it gets very lonely sometimes. We all danced
and sang.

Friday, 16 August 2019

Treasure Box

This piece of writing has come from a books called 'The Treasure Box'. This writing was from one image taken from the book.